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USPS Automated Mail Forwarding Procedures

Available Services
The Postal Service offers a variety of forwarding services

to fit different needs. When you are changing your primary

residence, the permanent change of address service forwards

mail, piece-by-piece to your new address for one year.

Packages will not be forwarded, and magazines are only

forwarded for 60 days. If you are going on a long trip and

need to temporarily forward your mail, you can use a

standard temporary change of address or premium mail

forwarding. A temporary address change offers the same

service as a permanent address change for a period no longer

than one year and no less than two weeks. Premium forwarding

service packages mail and forwards it in bulk once a week

and also includes package forwarding. If you will be away

for less than two weeks, put your mail on hold because you

cannot use the forwarding service.
Forwarding Requirements
You can only forward mail for a minimum of two weeks and a

maximum of one year for temporary forwarding, whether

through the temporary change of address or premium

forwarding service. When you use the Internet or telephone

change of address services, you are required to provide a

MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit card

number. The Postal Service verifies that the address on your

credit card matches either your current or forwarding

address and charges your card $1 for the service.
How to Set Up Forwarding
Begin the official change of address form by verifying that

you are or have authorization to set up mail forwarding for

the individual listed on the form. Click the radio button

for permanent forwarding or temporary forwarding as

applicable in your situation and enter a start and end date

for the service. Enter your name, current and forwarding

address information and email address for confirmation.

Complete the form by providing your credit card information

for verification purposes and the associated service fee.

You can also call the automated telephone change of address

service at 1-800-275-8777. Walk through the same questions

on the phone and provide your credit card for address

How to Change or Cancel Forwarding
If you have set up temporary forwarding for vacation or

short-term move, the service will automatically end on the

date you specified on your change of address form. If you

need to change or cancel the forwarding service at any time,

go to the "View, Update or Change" page and enter your

forwarding zip code and the confirmation number from your

email change of address confirmation. You can use this form

to change forwarding start and end dates, convert a

temporary change to a permanent one or completely cancel a

permanent change or address or a temporary one that has not

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